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Backed by rich industry experience in the field of Elevator Control Panel Equipment, we are able to successfully analyze the applications as well as develop these according to customer's specific demands. While manufacturing Elevator Control Panels Devices, our experienced team first analyzes traffic at the point of installation. This ensures the equipment offered match up with the exact process application demands at client's end.

We also carried out years of constant research in the Elevator field including carrying out extensive laboratory for research, development & production of latest technology based Elevator support systems. Further, our expertise in the field of application engineering, product development, engineering & manufacturing services has been possible due to regular trainings conducted at our end related to Production planning, Engineering Improvements and Process improvement.

The product range we are currently offering include Direct-On-Line Controller, Relay Card, Wire Harness, Fire Alarm and Landing Operating Panel. Other than these, we also meet the demands of Landing Gate Locks, Elevator Spare Parts, Control Card, Elevator Buttons, Elevator Controller and Energy Saving Devices.