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ABOUT US          

YASH has taken strong initiatives in the field of delivering quality through timely service, efficient technical support, and constant upgrades in technology and customized solutions to suit customer requirements, to their delight. YASH is proud to be amongst the such organization in the country to represent overseas parameter automation and parking management system. Yash Consumer Service is committed to provide safety to customer by continuously developing and delivering / offering Innovative Solutions, Value for Money Products and Services Offerings by abiding all its commitments to customer and fulfill responsibilities towards shareholders by achieving exponential growth in Shareholder’s value. We believe these products to be the most technically advanced systems in the market for almost any application you might envision.
We look forward to get associated with you and provide you with the best of our services.
The superior quality and precision of our services have been highly appreciated by the customer’s .The products of YASH which you find at most competitive rates:-

  • Automatic Boom Barrier.
  • Sliding and Swing Door Automation.
  • Sliding and Swing Gate Automation.
  • CCTV cameras & Access Control
  • Retractable Gates, Cable Gates, Bay Gates
  • Garage Doors, Fire Rated Steel Doors /Blast Doors
  • Finger print machine / time attendance software
  • Lateral Running Garage Doors
  • Rolling Shutter Motor
  • Turnstile, Security Booths
  • Retractable Bollards.
  • Tubestiles ,Flap Barrier, Optical Barrier
  • All Type of Fountains/Irrigation Systems

We are one of the most prominent players in the market where our reputation is aptly based on the quality of the services we offer. We have vocationally trained professionals who are especially trained in their respective sphere of activity.


We are armed with highly trained and specialized professionals for the execution of the services. Our professionals are familiar with all the finer points of our business and apply them to perfection while executing the services. Besides, we are equipped with the latest gadgetry for the area that warrants them.
With customer our dedicated and individualized service, our reputation is continuously growing in this highly competitive sector of needs of service industry. We are every day to move to any other centers of business on the needs of our valued customers.
In a nutshell we can provide you with the best of our services in the field .Like we say “A SOLUTION FOR INTERIOR & EXTERIOR OF YOUR BUILDINGS”.

Our Client

Our Products

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