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Mobile Stands

Mobile Stands

Mobile Stands Features
  • High grade and modular design with flexible combination
  • Designed specially for protection of cell phone, Mp3 Players, Cameras and tablets with inbuilt high decibel buzzer
  • High Security protection with multi alarming technology
  • Display merchandise well, free trial, increasing customers shopping experience and promoting sales
  • Very easy to install and easy to remove
  • Remote controller to unlock
  • Shunt-wound sensors and external spiral cable
  • Widely used in different stores and malls with alternative installation mode
  • Available for any models of mobile phone, cameras and tablet PC

The security alarm display holder will alarm when it happens by any way of the follow:

  • Circuit break resistance
  • Short circuit resistance
  • Other circuit-replacing resistance
  • Prying and cutting resistance
  • Remove the sensor
  • Cut the spring wire
  • Put out the connector
  • Put out power connector - alarm

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