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Frequency:Standard ISM 902~928 MHZ orISM 865~868 MHZ
Operation Mode:FHSS
RF Power: 100 W
Reading Speed:0~30dBM, software adjustable
Reading Mode:Software Programmable, Average Reading per 64Bits : 6ms
Data Ports:Timing or Touch, Software Programmable
Reading Range:Trigger input one team, anti-collision and multi-reading
Reading Clue:12m
Antenna:Buzzer, Build-in line polarization Antenna, Gain : 12 dbi
Power Supply: DC +9V (Power Adapter), DC+12
Dimension:440mm x 440mm x 50mm
Weight:5 Kg
Operation Temp: - 20°C~+80°C

Vehicle Control:
ID-LR-12 is integrated with Wiegand controllers to track and authenticate vehicles passing through a passage, entry points to premises, parking lots etc. The access control system can further drive boom-barriers.
Employee Authentication and access control:
Integrates with access control hardware for longer distance identification and authentication of employees.
Movable Asset Tracking :
Integrates with access control system to record on-the-move assets such as laptops moving in and out of the premises.

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