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The hangar doors are of steel framed bolted construction and clad in materials similar to the wall cladding of the hangar, single skin or insulated. The vertical top rollers, two on each door, have sealed roller bearings and run between two full span steel guide rails. There is an enclosed conductor rail running the width of the door opening, and collection of electrical power is achieved by a four wheeled trolley with spring loaded power pick-ups on each door.

Easily pushed or towed if electricity supply fails In the event of an electricity failure the doors can be declutched and pushed manually or towed, because the low friction sealed ball-bearing system in the ground-wheel hubs make them so easy to move. Manually operated doors designed to be pushed or towed can be provided where electricity is not available.

In fact, they are strongly recommended where the electricity supply is unreliable; our doors open and shut so easily that power is a luxury, not a necessity. The design of the door construction is a protected design which belongs to our firm. This special construction which maintains a very light weight system compared to similar doors, also lets the door to be caddied with various type of materials by the help of its frame type design.

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