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Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels for Life.
Instead of reporting alarms by general location or zones, Johnson Controls Intelligent Fire Alarm Controllers (IFC) can zero in on each device and identify its specific location and status, saving time and confusion in an emergency. As your business needs change, the modular design of our controllers lets you network additional Fire Alarm Control panels or add new devices as your facility grows. This flexibility means substantial cost savings in your investment. Johnson Controls offers intelligent addressable systems ranging from small single alarm panel systems to complete, networkable solutions for large-scale applications. Please see brochures to the right of this page for more detailed information. (note: name those brochures by using the complete keyword “fire alarm control panel”.

Early Warning Fire and Smoke Detection.
The IFV-1000 is a fire safety product that integrates your digital video analytics system with your existing Video surveillance infrastructure. This standalone, secondary monitoring system can detect and verify fires in your facilities earlier than conventional fire and flame detectors and systems. It’s ideal for any enterprise that has critical assets, large spaces, or remote sites where early warning fire and smoke detection are critical.

Intelligent Fire Integrator.
The IFI is a single point of control for your fire and life safety systems. This integrated facilities monitoring network links your IFC series fire alarm system to other 3rd party systems. From a single workstation, your facility manager can view and manage diverse systems from different manufacturers using an intuitive graphical user interface.

Intelligent Fire Annunciator (IFA-1000).
The IFA 1000 is an interactive video display system that allows firefighters and other emergency responders to quickly and accurately access potentially life-saving information from a building lobby. Designed using input from senior level professional firefighters, the IFA 1000 interface is intuitive to use and requires no special training.

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