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Aldo e Luigi Benincà are personally involved in their creations and their "automatic projects". Daily experimentation and word of mouth have made the surname of these 2 professionals synonymous with quality and technical reliability. That was how the history of our brand began.

  • 30 years old in 2009 with a history of acknowledgements and daily victories.
  • Our objective has always been to design, as specialists, evolved solutions for residential and professional automation.
  • For this reason the daily gestures of opening and closing doors and gates have been transformed, thanks to us, into convenience, service and safety.
  • Over 25 years of evolution as protagonists.
  • A path made of ideas, persons, systems and patents that have made life better for people.

IDCUBE has a vision of emerging as the leading player in positive identification systems. With its expertise in RFID system design, R&D capabilities, software development and stringent quality standards.
Association with IDCUBE, assures the following:

  • An R&D, innovation and quality-focused, business savvy approach towards building solutions to complex problems.
  • Solutions that evolve with the multifarious needs of our clients and a marked focus to delight our clients.
  • An open culture where knowledge and experience is shared and where clients and business partners are treated as stakeholders.
  • A rigorous approach and an uncompromising stance towards quality in everything we do.
  • Designing the solutions followed by engineering, manufacturing, deploying and supporting our products.

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